That’s the Alabama everyone had been waiting on this season. The Alabama that frankly, I didn’t think we were going to see. Especially after they gassed out against Auburn.

Debate all you want about whether or not they even belonged in the playoff after being unable to even win their own division, but this just did not look like your standard, dominant, Nick Saban Bama team. Not until last night. But they do now.

Especially defensively, where they were flying around, pressuring the Q.B. and knocking suckers out. Not only did they look dominant again, they played pissed. You could tell how badly they wanted this one. By the way they played. And the way they reacted when it was over. And it wasn’t just that they wanted another shot at Clemson; obviously, that was a huge part of it. But they played like a team that wanted a shot at the rest of the world. A world that they thought had disrespected them. Overlooked them. Forgot about them.

Watching that hospital job, that wasn’t the typical Crimson Tide fuel they were running on last night. That was premium fuel. Rocket fuel. They were angry. And they came out and played like it. That was a hospital job, pure and simple; against a really good Clemson team.

And now the team couldn’t even win their own division opens as the early four point favorite in the national title game next Monday night. And they should be. Alabama.  Same as they ever were.

And although Kirby Smart has done a miraculous job at Georgia in his two years there, and did help Saban win four rings as an assistant, Saban always beats his former assistants. Not only beats them, but manhandles them. And as good as Georgia is, you know it would be the least surprising thing ever to see Saban barely get in and then win the whole damn thing.



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