Buffalo, I’ve got one question for you. HOW ARE YOU LIVING?!? Bills Mafia, have you woken up from your dream yet? Because your long nightmare is over, the Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs. I’ll say it again because I haven’t been able to say it for 17 seasons, the Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs!

Take a moment and run down the list of coaches and players who’ve been in Buffalo during that stretch. Sean McDermott was able to do what Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey, Dick Jauron, Chan Gailey, Doug Marrone, and Rex Ryan couldn’t. Tyrod Taylor is going where Kyle Orton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, EJ Manuel, Trent Edwards, and Kelly Holcomb never could go with the Bills.

And even better is the fact that Kyle Williams, who’s been with the Bills since 2006 and has never been to the playoffs, was at the center of everything. In the third quarter against Miami, he lined up as a fullback and scored a one-yard touchdown, his first touchdown since high school.

But just beating Miami wasn’t enough. The Bills needed help. And they needed that help from the Cincinnati Bengals. In the NFL, you always want to be in control of your own destiny. But even worse than needing help is needing help from the Bengals. If you’re banking on help from the Bengals, you’re in very real trouble. Because the Bengals can’t even help themselves, let alone others. And it was looking bleak. Buffalo needed Cincinnati to beat Baltimore and Cincinnati was doing exactly what you’d expect Cincinnati to do in a situation like that, they were losing to Baltimore. Down 27-24 with less than a minute to go, the Bengals had a 4th and 12 from the 49. For Buffalo, it all came down to this play.

Andy Dalton to Tyler Boyd for a touchdown. The Bengals win. And the Bills are going to the playoffs. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

And all the more incredible when you remember that back at the beginning of the season, people were accusing this Bills team of tanking. That when the team traded Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby for draft picks, that they were mailing it in on this year. But if that was the plan, and it wasn’t, nobody told the players. And certainly nobody told the Bills Mafia. The Bills Mafia never mails in anything. And they sure as hell weren’t going to mail in an entire football season. Nobody reps their city or their team harder than the Mafia and nobody was going to tell them to just lay down this season. They didn’t and neither did the team.

And speaking of those fans, if you haven’t seen the video of Bills fans watching the end of the Bengals-Ravens game and the moment it all becomes real, then you need to get a load of this.

I don’t care if you’re a Bills fan or not, if you can hear that and not get fired up, that’s a you problem. Not a Buffalo problem. Oh, and how about the Bills Mafia not just celebrating hard, but donating hard, to Andy Dalton’s foundation as a thank you for the touchdown. Dalton tweeted last night “In the 24 hours since the 1st donation came in, over 2500 donors and just over $57,000 and counting! Last update for the night! I will update tomorrow. We can’t thank y’all enough!” That’s more than 57 grand and counting to benefit seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families.. That’s beautiful.. Maybe they throw sex toys on the field.. maybe they break tables at tailgates, but them putting their money where their mouth is and thanking Dalton for ending the drought is as rich as it gets.

So if you’re looking to come in here today and clown the city of Buffalo or their fans, that’s a you problem too. Because I don’t care how chilly or overcast it is in Buffalo right now, that city has never looked brighter or shinier than it does right now. Because the Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs. Say it with me one more time, the Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs.. Bills MAFIA, WHERE…ARE YOU?!??!?


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