Let’s just say what needs to be said Nick Saban is the GOAT. All due respect to Bear Bryant or Knute Rockne or any of the old ghosts you want to throw out there. But that’s 5 rings in 9 years. That’s six titles in an era where that should be impossible to do There are scholarship limits. And the NCAA. And programs that throw 9 million dollars at a head coach to finish 4th in the Big Ten East, and rivals in the SEC dropping 2.5 million bucks on a defensive coordinator to try and keep up. Everybody’s chasing the bitter-min in Tuscaloosa. The one who might need another statue outside the stadium. The guy who keeps hitting refresh on his dynasty, reloading on the fly — who keeps building a monster even when there’s no where else to go.

That’s two titles in three years. That’s one Deshaun Watson pick-play away from THREE STRAIGHT. That’s a head coach who’s on an absolutely insane run; a 16-and-3 record when it comes to chips-in-the-middle games: College Football Playoffs, conference title games, and national championship match-ups. When his best stack up against everybody else’s best he’s winning games at an 84% clip. Compare that to Bear Bryant whose bowl record was 15-12, barely above .500 — all the respect in the world to the one man allowed to rock a Fedora, but Lil’ Nicky would eat that dude for lunch.

You don’t like him? Beat him. You can’t beat him, at least respect him. Just know, nobody does what Saban does. Refueling on the fly. Pulling off some of the biggest, brass moves on the biggest stage, ever. Before it was handing the keys to Tua, it was that onside kick against Clemson two years ago that stole a possession from Deshaun Watson and turned a tie game into another title.

Saban’s 66. His vices are the Weather Channel and Little Debbies. He complains about everything. That the national championship costs him a week of recruiting. He has absolutely nothing left to prove. Yet there’s no way he’s walking away, not when he’s got a roster absolutely stocked and ready for yet another run — a true freshman quarterback throwing a national-championship winning pass to a true freshman receiver, with a true freshman at left tackle blocking and another true freshman at tailback breaking big plays. Baby Bama looks terrifying. And old man Saban is just getting started.


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