Raider fan, the day you’ve dreamed about is here. Today is the first full day of the return of Jon Gruden and if you didn’t think that was a big deal, I’ve got news for you. According to owner Mark Davis. It’s a big deal. Check that, it is a big bleeping deal. Not my words, his. “Raider Nation: This is a big effing deal.”

It’s not like most team owners to drop a semi-f-bomb at an introductory press conference, but then again, Mark Davis isn’t like most team owners.

And that wasn’t like most introductory press conferences. 16 years after Gruden first left, this was more like a family reunion, complete with Raider fans busting out their old Chucky dolls and Tuck Rule references. The whole crew was there: Jim Otto, Tim Brown, Charles Woodson, Rich Gannon, Tom Flores, Ted Hendricks, the list goes on.

So Davis got his dude. Question is what’s he getting for that 100 mill? Who’s he getting?  The guy who was a rock star in his first five years, going 50-30 and winning a super bowl? Or are they getting the guy who went 45-51 with zero playoff wins the rest of the way? And how is he a better coach after being out of that grind for nearly a decade than he was when he left?

And don’t tell me he never left; that he did games, he talked to coaches and players.  Covering a game a week and hosting a quarterback show is not the same thing as grinding it out in the trenches, preparing with players and coaches and actually doing the job against the best there are week in and week out, year after  year. He’ll tell you he didn’t lose a single game the last eight years, but he didn’t win one either. Yet everyone is freaking out like this guy is Belichick, Lombardi, Noll, Shula and Walsh all rolled into one. Since when?? You don’t know what you’re getting. Not when you hire a guy that has been away for 8 years.


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