The New York Post reports Nick Saban is not interested in the New York Giants head coaching job. Right.

What are you going to tell me next. The sky is blue, water is wet. Why the hell would he be? For who? For what? Not for NFL jack. He already makes NFL jack at Alabama. And  if not for the money, than what? Because he has something to prove? He’s the greatest college coach ever, with 6 titles, 5 in 9 years, and locked and loaded to do it again.  Maybe even multiple times. Why the hell would he walk away from all  that. And for the Giants of all things.

Does he look like a guy that wants to deal with the New York media? Or Odell Beckham.  Or Eli Apple. And if you were Nick Saban, who would you rather have as your q.b.?  Tua? Or Eli Manning? Did you see Tua Monday night? Have you seen Eli the last 5 years?.  No brainer. And so is staying where he is.

Sure, as beaten down as the Giants are, that’s still a great job. But it’s not better than the one Saban has right now. Hell, the tide could probably beat the Giants right now.… of course, he’s not going to the Giants.

I know New York City is awesome. I go there 8 times during the NFL season. I understand the restaurant scene there is a little stronger than the one in Tuscaloosa, but does Saban sound like a guy who’s looking for Michelin-star restaurants? He just wants his Weather Channel, his Lil Debbie’s, and his football team.

It says a ton about what he’s done at Alabama that leaving the Tide for the Giants, one of the premier organizations in professional sports, would be a step down. But it’s the truth.

There’s no way he’s leaving Alabama to be the Giants coach. In fact, the only thing that would make me think he was leaving to be the Giants coach would be if he called a press conference and said, “I’m not going to be the Giants coach.” Then you know it’s an absolute lock he’s going to be the Giants head coach.


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