A dark cloud descended over New England yesterday. And it came in the form of a tweet from @Patriots: ‘Tom Brady is with our medical staff and will not be available to the media today.’ 

UH OH!!! Red alert! Red alert! Patriot honks, this is your worst nightmare coming to light. Tom Brady, the franchise, is with the medical staff and unable to meet with the media? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Most of  Patriot nation immediately went into full grip mode, fearing the worst, while a small portion tried to talk themselves into believing dude just wanted to avoid his presser.

The team followed that up with an injury report on the website that Tom Brady was a limited participant in practice due to a hand injury. And of course, panic set in again throughout Patriots Nation. What kind of injury? Did he break a bone using exercise bands? Did he lose a finger in a bizarre kitchen accident? Or sever a tendon after messing with a foam roller?

Well, no. According to the Boston Herald, Brady jammed his hand in an accidental collision in practice. In other words… friendly fire. Some tool in a Patriot uniform slammed into the golden goose.

How would you like to be that dude right about now. No wonder they’re not saying who did it. Then, again, it’s only a jammed hand. This dude has played with much worse and won. This isn’t that bad right?. You chowds can all come out of your bunkers, now?

But wait, which hand?!? And it turns out it is his right hand. His throwing hand. He’s been on injury reports before, of course. But never for his throwing hand. So resume freaking out!!!!

Or don’t. Because x-rays revealed no structural damage and while there reportedly was some soreness and swelling that could potentially keep him out of practice today as well, it’s unlikely to keep him out of Sunday’s game.

And with that news, in some quarters, panic turned to rage. Who’s the idiot who ran into Tommy?! Give us a name! Who nearly ripped the sixth ring from us by ripping Brady’s hand off his arm?

And the answer is…that doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether he’s okay. And the answer to that is….

There’s no way of knowing. No NFL team is particularly transparent when it comes to the health of their players, especially that team, with that hall of fame player and especially when it’s the week before the Conference Championship game. You think Bill Belichick is going to come out with charts, x-rays, MRI scans, and models of the practice field to show exactly what happened and the damage that resulted? Hell no. It’s Bill Belichick. You’ll be lucky if you get more than a few grunts and a “we’re on to Jacksonville.”

So enjoy the unknown, Patriots fans. Enjoy not really knowing until Sunday how your starting quarterback is.

Good news is, this guy has played with worse. And won. Even better news, he probably napped it out in his high performance, recovery pajamas and smeared a bunch of his high performance avocado ice cream on it. And he’ll be good to go.

And even if he’s not, the Patriots have long prepared for this possibility and that’s why they’ve been grooming that young stud, Jimmy Garap….errrrrrrr, only have one other q.b on their roster and that’s Brian Hoyer. So Patriot fan, you can assume everything is going to be just fine. Me, I’m going to wait to see how he looks Sunday afternoon. Because with something like this, you never really know. Just like you never really know if one of his teammates is going to step on the same hand between now and then. I’d put this dude in bubble wrap between now and then because if he can’t trust your teammates, not to maim you, who can you trust?


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