Before yesterday’s NFC Championship game, the City of Philadelphia was prepared. Certain businesses were told to take anything inside that they didn’t want destroyed in the event of a post-game riot. There were street parking bans in certain areas. Oh, and people were going around greasing up light poles. Wait, what? Yep. People were slapping Crisco on poles in an effort to prevent Philly fans from climbing poles after a win. They wanted to prevent something like that dude getting drilled in the head with a Grey Goose bottle back in the day.

So the city could see what was coming. But nobody saw this coming – Philadelphia 38, Minnesota 7. Holy freaking crap. Everyone could’ve predicted Philly fan would show up big. That’s what they do. And that the Eagles defense would show up big. That’s what they do. They’re monsters. And when they pin their ears back, they can flat out destroy. So the fact that they held Case Keenum and Minnesota to 7 points, wasn’t a shock.

But anyone who said they saw Nick Foles throwing for 352 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Vikings defense is a flat out liar. About a month ago, Philly’s season was over, now they’re on the brink of history. That win wasn’t about the Eagles defense or Eagle fans and their masks, that was about one man: Nicholas Edward Foles.

Nobody is perfect, but in the second half, Nick Foles was statistically perfect. 11 for 11 for 159 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a flawless 158.3 rating. Against the number one defense in the league. Are you kidding me?

Even Nick Foles can’t believe what Nick Foles just did. As he said after the game, “I haven’t even had time to really comprehend what is going on, to be honest. I don’t know if I ever will. When I was up on that stage, that’s something you dream about as a kid.”

Be honest, Nick, nobody even dreams that big. Even in your wildest dreams, there’s probably an incompletion here or there. Maybe a drop by a receiver, but a perfect second half to get to the Super Bowl? C’mon.

When Carson Wentz went down, the question was: could Nick Foles be the guy he was back in 2013. And yesterday the answer was: he’s better. He made a really good defense look really, really bad.

Things were so good for the Eagles, Nick Foles and Doug Pederson were dropping flea flickers. A flea flicker. In the third quarter of an NFC Championship game. Against a nasty defense. And it wasn’t just the fact that they called it, but Foles executed it perfectly.

Not just a flea flicker, but a perfect dime from Foles to Torrey Smith cap it off. Not bad for a guy playing for his fourth different head coach in four years. Not bad for a guy who nearly retired. Not bad for a guy who said afterwards that he’d never thrown a flea flicker before. Nobody saw that coming. Just like dude who went viral last night never saw that pole in the train station coming.

Things were so jolly in Philly that @PhillyPolice tweeted: Now comes the time in the night where we must warn everyone about the dangers of Saturated Fats. Cheers for #Foles! Jeers for #Poles! It’s a long way down, baby. Celebrate responsibly!

And of course, Philadelphia fans did just that. They all quietly shook hands at the end of the game, walked out of the stadium, and headed home to celebrate with their families. No they did not. They most certainly did not. And if you thought slapping some shortening on some poles were going to keep Philly fans off them, then you don’t know Philly fans. They were climbing poles last night.

And when they weren’t climbing them, they were running into them. You cannot stop Philly’s Nick Foles and you can’t stop Philly fans from climbing poles.


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