One team’s trash is another team’s treasure. Especially when one team is, well, basically trash. And the other team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley is reportedly making the move from Pittsburgh to Cleveland after Mike Tomlin offered Haley an open door and a firm handshake after his contract expired. Not exactly the parting gift you usually give to a guy who coordinated four Top 10 offenses in six years on the job. But hey, give Hue Jackson credit for at least being competent enough to win something against Pittsburgh, even if they were technically giving Haley away.

Now it’s fair to ask, why is this dude on the open market? Why did Tomlin have Haley’s car pulled around front and the door propped open after the dude dropped 42 points and 545 yards on the Jags. And I’ll be straight: Barring multiple felony counts, if I’m new Browns GM John Dorsey, the answer is WHO CARES.

Nobody’s hiring Haley for his personality, they’re hiring him to replace Hue Jackson as a play-caller and offensive coordinator. Do you know how big of an upgrade this is almost immediately?

I don’t care if he and Big Ben weren’t even on sideline speaking terms by the end of his time in Pittsburgh. Keep him in the booth. Hell, let him call in plays from the couch at home — it can’t be any worse than what the Browns were getting out of Jackson from the sideline and it might help Haley’s sanity. Wait until Haley steps into his first offensive meeting and realizes that he’s trading the Killer Bs for Josh Gordon and the Total Fs.

Bottom line: the only thing that scares me about this hire is that the Browns made it. This is the most un-Browns thing ever. Poaching the best offensive coordinator in the division from their rival. Taking advantage of somebody ELSES dysfunction. And I keep wondering when Haley’s going to realize that he let being pissed because the Steelers broke him off turn into a decision he’s going to regret — signing on with the Browns — just because he’s looking for some revenge.


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