A brief recap of the last few days for the Cleveland Cavaliers:

– Got torched for 148 points by OKC on Saturday night. At home.

– Have a clear-the-air team meeting Monday

– Leak to the press that some Cavs, including perhaps Isaiah Thomas, who went hard at Love for not being as sick as he said he was when he came of the game early and missed the next practice

Pretty much can’t get worse than that, can it? Oh, it can. And it did. Because they promptly went out and gave up 63 points to San Antonio in the first half of last night’s game.

Cool. That’ll happen. Especially when you’re playing the Spurs in San Antonio and Kawhi Leonard goes off. Except Kawhi didn’t go off because Kawhi didn’t dress for the game. Instead it was LaMarcus Aldridge making Cleveland look foolish and Dejounte Murray abusing the Cavs with 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 steals.

And while the Spurs were looking like a well-oiled machine, the Cavs looked like rusted out sled with a busted odometer, up on blocks in the front yard of a house somewhere in Cleveland.

No rhythm, no chemistry, just five dudes who happened to show up at the same place at the same time and decided to play basketball. Not for each other mind you. But for themselves. And really, not even that. Other than LeBron who was playing for 30K, it didn’t really look like any of them wanted to be out there.

It was such a miserable performance it overshadowed LeBron James scoring his 30,000th career point and becoming the youngest member of the 30K club. You have to be playing pretty horribly, and be pretty dysfunctional, to have it overshadow a truly historic moment like that, but the Cavs did it. They really are turning into team “hold my beer.” As in, if you think what we did the day before was terrible, hold my beer, we’re about to do something even more embarrassing. We’re even worse than you think we are.  And if you don’t think so, hold my beer and watch this! They’ve now lost 6 of 7 and 10 of 13, and they’re starting to run out of people to blame.

On Sunday, Ty Lue said that he wasn’t going to change the starting lineup because “it’s not the best thing right now.” After Tuesday’s game, Ty Lue said, “I’m gonna make a change.”

I mean you have to. You have to do something because everything they’re doing right now is awful. It’s easy to focus on the Cavs horrible defense because it’s horrible, let’s not overlook their really bad offense or their terrible team chemistry.

As one anonymous player told ESPN: “There is no trust out there on the court. This is the worst it’s been.”

As always, never a good sign when players are going anonymous quotes to the media and especially when those anonymous quotes are about trust. Hilarious actually. This dude, whoever it is, says, are biggest issue is trust! And then runs his own guys under the bus anonymously. That’s that good stuff right there. But it’s true, there is no trust out there.

How bad are things in that locker room right now? Forget the fact that players were allegedly accusing Kevin Love of faking an illness over the weekend, and that might have been Isaiah Thomas leading the charged, check this Instagram post from Dwyane Wade celebrating LeBron’s 30K: ‘30,000!!!! The youngest to do it!!! It was an HONOR to not only be in the building for this moment—but to be on the court as your teammate. In the midst of this darkness that we’re experiencing as a team—THANK YOU for this light!!! Thank you for showing my kids and so many kids around the world that looks up to you—that you can achieve anything you want—as long as you give everything to what you want!’”

In the midst of this darkness that we’re experiencing as a team”?!?!?!?! I don’t want to get overly dramatic, but why not?  Dwan-yay just did. And how bad is it when you can’t even get through an Instagram post hyping your guy for making history without talking about how miserable things are right now.

And Cavs fan, if I were you, I wouldn’t start thinking about what this means for LeBron staying around after this season, because that’s only going to make you feel worse. Besides, you already there’s no way this guy stays. Would you? But no need worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet. Even if it is going to happen. Just take it one day, one game, one humiliating defensive stand, and one leaked report to the press at a time.


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