The Most Un-Browns Thing EverOne team's trash is another team's treasure.
Sam McGuffieUS Bobsled Team And Former Football Player shares his story with Jim.
Patrick RobinsonPhiladelphia Cornerback talks Super Bowl 52.
Nicholas Edward FolesAnyone who said they saw Nick Foles throwing for 352 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Vikings defense is a flat out liar.
So Very, Very Vikings Of YouSkol Vikings. First drink is on me
The Patriot WayThat’s why they’re the Patriots and nobody else is.
Trust The Freaking ProcessThis is the best news ever.
Jag SwagWe all know there's a thin line between confidence and cockiness.
Brady Handwatch 2018Maybe the Patriots are just being really careful.
Mason RudolphNFL quarterback prospect joined Jim in studio.
Kurt WarnerPro Football Hall of Famer talks NFL Championship games, Tom Brady, and more.
Jalen’s ‘Petty’ BlastLook, I’m not picking sides here. The whole thing is pretty weak, and pretty childish. But it’s also kind of hilarious. We’re talking about tribute videos here.

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