Ram It!That was the best FOOTBALL GAME in a long, long time.
Nebraska AD FiringNebraska whacked its athletic director Shawn Eichorst yesterday. Tough news for him and his family, but seemingly the best news ever from almost every other member of the Nebraska family.
Watkins Outed As Flat Earth TrutherThanks for absolutely nothing, Sammy.
The Beaz Is The BestRock on, Michael Beasley. Rock on.
Alex HornibrookWisconsin Quarterback talks 3-0, weight gain, and more.
Brian OrakpoTennessee Outside Linebacker talks 2017 Season, Houston, and more.
Memo To Twitter TrollsThey found Brandon Marshall. The wrong Brandon Marshall.
Go Total Heel, KyrieLet’s not get it twisted, Kyrie is a weird dude.
Restore The RoarSomebody better check on the Lions, because they are doing some very un-Lions things.
Giants Are A DisasterOnce again, Monday Night Football games are preceded by the question: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? And the answer from the New York Giants is: NO. DEFINITELY NOT.
Mike NorvellUniversity Of Memphis Head Coach talks UCLA win, Riley Ferguson, and more.
Brandon MarshallDenver Linebacker talks Dallas win, Trevor Siemian, Twitter trolls, and more.

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