Hernandez CTE ReportLike every report involving Aaron Hernandez, it is disturbing.
Ben Volin talks about the death of Aaron Hernandez with Jim RomeBoston Globe NFL writer joined Jim on his radio program and talked about the life of the former New England tight end.
Aaron Hernandez’s DeathAaron Hernandez died after hanging himself in his prison cell early today according to Massachusetts prisons officials.
Sociopath Psycho KillerCan’t wait until the prosecution calls Aaron Hernandez’s right arm to the stand.
Aaronthal Will Be In Training CampBreaking news from Massachusetts: Aaron Hernandez will be in training camp.
The World's Dumbest MurdererYou know hard you have to work. To still get convicted with no murder weapon, no star witness and no strong motive? Aaronthal does.
GUILTYAaron Hernandez is a cold blooded murderer. Not allegedly. Officially.
Hard Work Defending HernandezI bet Aaron Hernandez's attorneys could use a stiff drink. Because it's gotta be hard work defending a guy who'll shoot someone who won’t pay for one.
The Bubble Gum MurdererAaron Hernandez might be one of the worst guys ever, but his trial is some of the best theater.
The Sultan Has JokesYou may be gassed out on Deflategate. We're ALL gassed out on Deflategate humor. Except one of us.
Pats Fans Are Having A WeekThey watched their Patriots win their first Super Bowl in a decade, and one of them was trying help a Patriot who's looking at life in a cage.
No Pats Apparel At Aaronthal TrialThere's really no appropriate place for an adult to wear another adult's jersey… but what's the worst place? At work?. At church? Nope. At a murder trial.

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