KC And Everyone ElseIf you go based on reputations, Washington at Kansas City was really a battle between the quarterback who “can’t win a big game” and the quarterback who’s just a game manager. 
AS11 On His Non-Future In KCI have certainly spent some time questioning Alex Smith. Never personal; I think he’s a great dude. A competitor.
AS11What in the hell got into Alex Smith?
EmbarrassingHow does this team do that on that stage?
KC Flat Out Blew ItA great win for the Tennessee Titans.
Credit To The ChiefsChiefs did what they had to do.
Check Down MasterThe Chiefs didn't just got their doors blown off by Aaron Rodgers. They got stomped on by a kicker.
Horrible Decade For The NinersTom Brady may be the NFL's angriest QB. Aaron Rodgers is by far the best.
Kansas City Gets ExposedBad night for the Chiefs fans who have been screaming for 10 weeks that their guys don't get respect.
Best Quarterback In The League?

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