Go Ducks!Look: I never said this would be easy and I never thought Anaheim would run right throw Edmonton the way they did Calgary.
Ryan GetzlafAnaheim Center talks Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Go Ducks!The Ducks ownership over Calgary is now officially an international incident.
Called ItCalgary --You're gonna need to do better than that.
Flames vs. DucksThere will be blood.
Kevin BieksaAnaheim Defenseman talks 2016-17 Season, Milk Hot Dogs, and more.
Bruce BoudreauMinnesota Wild Head Coach talks 2016-17 Season, So Cal, and more.
Jim Rome's Hockey LockI want to thank a moment to tip the cap to the Nashville Predators for agreeing to show up in Anaheim tonight and play the Ducks for charity.
Well, Well, WellJust perusing some scores from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Let's see here...
Shut Up And Ante UpQuick message to the doubters, and a little something for all you chirpers. Ducks 3. Predators. Squat. Now what d'ya got?
OC TraditionIf you take a quick glance at the NHL playoff scoreboard, there's no need to click over and check your bank balance. It's gonna just fine.
SMH O.C.How hungover is everybody around the OC? First the Ducks get dusted in Game 7 in Anaheim, and then their old buddy Josh Hamilton re-emerges in Texas, looking like an All-Star.

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