The Hood’s Negotiation SkillsLost in the butt-hurt-ness of Josh McDaniels scorning Indy is one small detail: The Hood made him an offer he can't refuse.
Dark Cloud Over New EnglandUH OH!!! Red alert! Red alert! Patriot honks, this is your worst nightmare coming to light.
Crazy Night In South BeachMiami 27, New England 20.
Hood On Mexico CityI know he likes to prepare for everything, but was he also prepping for solar flares and sinkholes as well as the Raiders passing game?
Ride Or Die With TB12Tom Brady is going to play football forever. At least that's the bet in New England.
Welcome Back To Foxborough, RogThe 2017 NFL regular season kicks off tonight in Foxborough with the Super Bowl. Yeah, I said it.
Say Yes, A.P.Adrian Peterson is in New England today -- the 32-year-old vet still looking for a job.
The Hoodiest Move Of All-TimeIn an offseason where New England has shocked the league and taken some HUGE swings, the Hood is finally back to doing what he does best.
Another Day OffCeltics/Cavs last night at the Garden had a lot of people watching anticipating that this matchup might be a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals in a few months.
We’re On To 2017As much as you want to clown the Hoodie for taking just 5 or 10 minutes to enjoy his and their best win ever, before mumbling, ‘we’re on to 2017. We’re on to 2017.” You have to respect it.
Straight Fire From HoodWe must be getting close to the end of football season because the Hood is getting loose!
Hoodie vs. TabletThe Hoodie is back at it. And he ripped off another Hall-of-Fame level press session this week, just adding to his legend as he went nuclear on an unlikely opponent: The Microsoft Surface.

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