Osweiler TimeWhy does it feel like a bad thing for a team to announce their starting quarterback is starting? I’ll tell you why. Because that starting quarterback is one Brock Alan Osweiler.
Have To Go With Tom SavageThe Houston Texans are going with Tom Savage.
Brock Osweiler BenchingBill O'Brien makes $5 million a season. And he's earned every penny of it this season. In fact, my man may even deserve a raise. Because the 5 million was for finding ways to win with Brock Osweiler.
Captain CheckdownThere was a lot to be bent about if you’re a Texans fan, but at the top of the list is one Brock Alan Osweiler.
2015 Houston TexansGood thing Houston has the shock-the-world Astros, because their Texans are an unmitigated disaster.
Use Your Smartphone, MallettRyan Mallett lost the Houston Texans quarterback competition. But he's not losing any sleep over it. HEYO.
Bill O'Brien on J.J. Watt: 'I can’t compare him to anybody'Houston Texans head coach joined Jim Rome on his radio program and discussed J.J. Watt, Ryan Mallett, and more.
Bill O'BrienHouston Texans head coach talks Ryan Mallet, J.J. Watt, and more.
So BelichickianDo you follow Texans head coach Bill O'Brien on Twitter? Impossible. You can’t. He's not on it.
Hope You're Happy, Happy ValleyThe Houston Texans landed a hell of a coach in Bill O'Brien, and their fans can thank "the Paterno People" for delivering him.
Staples: "There’s definitely some push from people around Nick Saban to think about moving on from Alabama"SI College Football insider Andy Staples talked with Jim Rome on his radio program about the mess at the University of Texas.

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