All-Time Bag MoveNo one likes a quitter.
Cleveland's QB SituationSo if they don’t want Brock Osweiler to play Q.B., where does that leave them at the position?
Epic Fail, H-TownNot only are they publicly admitting they made a huge mistake, not only did they waste a valuable year and a shot at the ring by bringing this guy in, they have to throw a high draft pick to make him go away.
Raider NationI tried. I jumped on that train in Week 1.
Osweiler TimeWhy does it feel like a bad thing for a team to announce their starting quarterback is starting? I’ll tell you why. Because that starting quarterback is one Brock Alan Osweiler.
Have To Go With Tom SavageThe Houston Texans are going with Tom Savage.
Brock Osweiler BenchingBill O'Brien makes $5 million a season. And he's earned every penny of it this season. In fact, my man may even deserve a raise. Because the 5 million was for finding ways to win with Brock Osweiler.
Chris Simms on Brock Osweiler: 'In Ryan Fitzpatrick land which is not good'NFL on CBS analyst joined Jim on his radio program and talked quarterback play.
Osweiler Return PolicyIs there a return policy for quarterbacks?
Von Miller on Brock Osweiler's Return To Denver: There’s ‘added sauce'Super Bowl 50 MVP joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked about Brock Osweiler's Mile High City return.
Osweiler’s Laughing It UpWith Watt going down may not even be their biggest problem: Brock Osweiler’s not off to a good start: with the Texans. And not amused. Actually he is.
Gangster JohnWhen John Elway let Brock Osweiler walk, some wondered if the Broncos GM and Hall of Famer was letting his pride get in the way.

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