The Scott Tolzien ExperimentYou don’t play Scott Tolzien and expect him to not Scott Tolzien.
Jerrell Freeman: 'I love me some Chuck Pagano'Colts linebacker joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked 2015 Season.
Just Own It, ChuckYou can count on it like clockwork: A football coach makes a horrible decision and insists if he had to do all over again, he would.
Fake This IndySo many ways to start a new Jungle week. But I think I’ll start this week in Indy, with possibly the ugliest thing these eyes have ever seen.
Ball Up, Andy LuckThis just in - The Colts are broken.
Chuck Pagano Goes BelichickianIn a classic Belichickian show of strategy... The Colts have signed long-time Patriot Deion Branch.

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