Elliott Drama Just Getting StartedHere’s the only thing we do know – this case didn’t end with the NFL handing down a six-game suspension.
Elliott SuspensionThe NFL’s investigation into Ezekiel Elliott’s domestic violence allegations had been going on so long it was hard to believe that it was ever going to end.
The Summer Of Lucky WhiteheadLucky Whitehead continues to be off-season’s weirdest story.
Jerrah Sticks Up For ZekeBig surprise here.
Stay Home, ZeekThere’s never a good time to be involved in an incident at a bar, but you know when is a really BAD time to be involved in an incident at a bar? When the league is reportedly figuring out how to deal with your previous domestic violence allegations.
Romo Is Headed To The BoothMakes perfect sense. Dude is picking lifestyle and family over getting his brains beaten in and it makes perfect sense.
Doing Romo RightJerry's doing right by himself. Just like every other owner does.
Bad Pattern, ZekeGreat back. But no rocket scientist: went to a St. Patrick’s Day party over the weekend and was caught on tape pulling a woman’s top down.
Romo’s Next TeamThe two front-runners to get him or the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans.
Romo’s FuturePretty much nut-cutting time for the Cowboys and Tony Romo.
Aaron Freaking RodgersWhere are all those morons who were looking to bury Aaron Rodgers when the Packers were 4-6.
Byron Jones talks Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, and Tony Romo with Jim RomeDallas Safety joined Jim on his radio program and talked playoffs.

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