Watson’s ImprovementThe Texans just dropped a Heinz bottle on the Titans. 57 points.
Benardrick McKinney talks pass rush, nickname, and Deshaun WatsonHouston Linebacker joined Jim on his radio program and talked 2017 Season.
Snooze FestThe real damage wasn’t to Cincy’s pride or their locker room chemistry, although that seemed like a mess afterwards, the real damage was to America.
Buck Up, TommySo the Tom Savage era is over.
Deshaun WatsonNFL Prospect joins Van Smack on Radio Row.
MJ Talk?After shocking Nick Saban and Alabama in the national title game, Clemson q.b. Deshaun Watson’s stock is soaring.
Good Call, DeshaunDeshaun Watson will not participate in the Senior Bowl.
Ben Boulware on title: 'ecstatic for our community'Clemson linebacker joined Jim on his radio program and talked national championship.
Deshaun Watson’s Walk-OffI cannot say enough about the way Deshaun Watson balled out last night; about his toughness, playmaking and leadership ability.
Clemson vs. Bama 2 ReactionPick a storyline, they were all golden.
Dabo Swinney talks Alabama, Deshaun Watson, naps, and moreClemson head coach joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked Alabama, Deshaun Watson, and more.
Dabo Swinney: 'I think we’re going to be better offensively than people think'The Clemson head coach talked with Jim Rome on his radio program about their 2014 Season.

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