Mike Adams Carolina Safety talks Pats, Cam Newton, and more.
The Scott Tolzien ExperimentYou don’t play Scott Tolzien and expect him to not Scott Tolzien.
Frank Gore talks Andrew Luck, health, and career rushing stats with Jim RomeIndy Running Back joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked 2017 Season.
Frank Gore Indy Running Back talks 2017 Season, Andrew Luck, records, and more.
Monday Night Ass-KickingI knew last night’s Jets-Colts tilt would be horrible. But I had no idea it would be that horrible.
Ryan GrigsonIndy general manager talks Andrew Luck, Jim Irsay, Reggie Wayne, and more.
Greg TolerWashington cornerback talks Kirk Cousins, his journey to the NFL, and more.
NFL OprahMaybe he still can't beat the Patriots, but he can buy the entire planet. And he can outspend anybody in football.
Frank Gore talks Super Bowl, Andrew Luck, and more on The Jim Rome ShowIndianapolis running back joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked 2016 Season.
Book Club GuyIf I was to ask you - What current NFL player just started his own book club? Who would you guess.
Pizza Dude NationYou might know D'Qwell Jackson as the Colts linebacker who launched Deflate Gate. But he's also now the guy who deflated a pizza man's face.
Peyt’s LegacyNow if you want to talk legacy and play that lame Mt. Rushmore game with this guy, go right ahead. In fact, this is one of the few times, I’ll play along.

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