Tribute Video Street JusticeTwo dudes beefing about a team that neither one of them even play for anymore. Turn the page.
Worst. Planning. Ever.It might be Tuesday but you best believe I’m doubling back to Sunday for a second.
Cavs Mid-Season MakeoverDwayne Wade – out. Derrick Rose – pack your bags. Jae Crowder – hit the bricks. Channing Frye – all the best. Iman Shumpert – it’s been real. Isaiah Thomas – we barely knew you. 
2017-18 Cleveland CavsNo rhythm, no chemistry, just five dudes who happened to show up at the same place at the same time and decided to play basketball.
Jalen’s ‘Petty’ BlastLook, I’m not picking sides here. The whole thing is pretty weak, and pretty childish. But it’s also kind of hilarious. We’re talking about tribute videos here.
IT’s Cleveland DebutIsaiah Thomas made his long-awaited debut for the Cavs in last night’s 127-110 win over the Trail Blazers and if you’re a teammate or a fan, it was worth the wait.
LoyaltyThink of this trade the next time you want to kill a guy for jumping to another team as a free agent because he’s looking to improve his situation.
Death Row DC Takes Game 4
5-foot-9 AlphaWe're running out ways to describe just how unbelievable Isaiah Thomas is playing right now.
WarriorAs if Isaiah Thomas hadn’t been through enough already, the Celtics star took a shot to the mouth, blasting one of his chicklets out of his head.
I See You Working, MayorIf I were in your shoes, up two games to none, coming home with a chance finish only to see them do you twice in a row on your home, floor, I might say and do the same thing you are.
Brad Stevens talks Isaiah Thomas, NBA game, and more on The Jim Rome ShowBoston head coach joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked Isaiah Thomas.

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