Royals Host Anti-Porn WorkshopHow the Royals run their business is just that. Their business.
Danny Duffy’s DUIThere’s no good DUI, there are only bad DUIs. And this was a terrible one.
Jungle KarmaNearly every week, shoot, practically every day, someone will ask me about Jungle Karma.
Whit MerrifieldKansas City 2nd Baseman talks 2017 Season, trade deadline, and more.
Eric HosmerKansas City First Baseman talks 2017 Season, coffee, and more.
Lorenzo CainKansas City Royals Outfielder talks 2017 Season, running, and more.
Danny DuffyKansas City Pitcher shares his story with Jim.
Make Suspensions MatterForget Making Baseball Fun Again... how about MLB actually makes suspensions matter?
Yordano Ventura Is SerialAs we wait to see if the Cleveland Cavs have any fight in them, we all saw that the Baltimore Orioles have plenty.
Jonathan Johnson GomesKansas City's victory rally was awesome. This is what happens when your town hasn't had a title in a long time.
MeltdownWhile the Royals slogan was "Take The Crown," it seems like the Mets mantra was "Give The Crown."
The Royals Are RoachesThe Dirt People are still partying, the Apple is still unconscious.

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