Baby Lakers Are Growing UpYou know Laker fans are feeling it.
LeBron vs. LonzoThe Lakers went to Cleveland last night for the first meeting of Lonzo Ball and LeBron James.
Lakers Run A Winning RaceI’m not saying everything is good in Lakerland and it’s time to bust out the car flags again, but the kids might just be all right. 
Give The Kid TimeAnother night. Another forgettable stat-line from Lonzo Ball. And another morning full of lava takes that this kid is a bust.
Lakers Rally Around LonzoLast night was yet another date on the Lonzo Ball Debut Tour. This time, the opponent was John Wall and the Washington Wizards.
Laker Fan Is Feeling ItLakers 110, Trail Blazers 98. And with that the Lakers are your 2017 Las Vegas Summer League champions.
Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball2017. The summer of the Fight Game.
Parting Shot From ErvNow we know why the Lakers gave up on this guy just two years after selecting D’Angelo Russell second overall.
LaVar Makes Night About LaVarThe easiest thing ever would be to roll in this morning, crack open the mic, play sound from Lonzo Ball’s dad, rip into him, and then open the phones.
Luke Walton talks Lonzo and LaVar Ball on The Jim Rome ShowLos Angeles Lakers head coach joined Jim on his radio program and talked No. 2 pick.
Lakers Dodge ScudTo say the Lakers dodged a bullet, would be a colossal understatement.
$495 KicksGenerally, this show is a no LaVar Ball zone: you know my take on these cats.

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