Numb To The DodgersI’m running out of ways to describe the freak year they’re having.
2017 DodgersThis is the best BASEBALL team I’ve ever seen.
Bad Idea, KenleyIf burning the jersey of a player who left town isn’t the most tired thing, then complaining about All-Star snubs is.
2017 DodgersIt’s happened again. And by “it,” I mean that Dodger Cody Bellinger has homered again.
Cody BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers First Baseman / Outfielder talks Big Leagues.
Clayton Kershaw: 'Failure is no fun'Dodgers Ace joined Jim on his radio program and talked 2017 Season, postseason, and more.
Clayton KershawThree-time Cy Young Award winner talks 2017 Season.
Don MattinglyMiami Manager talks Spring Training, Jose Fernandez, and more.
Andrew FriedmanLos Angeles Dodgers President of Baseball Operations talks hardball.
Dodgers Revert Back To Plan AYou remember the Dodgers plan to try to and operate as responsible as they could fiscally?
Dave RobertsLos Angeles manager talks award, Clayton Kershaw, and more.
You Need To Finish, Cubs FansYou do realize that getting to the World Series isn't winning the World Series, right?

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