Jack Del Rio shares his thoughts on Marshawn Lynch's actions vs. KCOakland Head Coach joined Jim on his radio program and talked about his running back getting suspended by the league.
Raiders 31 Chiefs 30Did any of that really happen?
Marshawn Is The BestTrust me, Marshawn probably didn’t even know who he was playing.
Beast Mode Is BackPlease never leave us again. 
Town Bizness Breathe On MeThe tweet Marshawn thumbed out yesterday said it all.
Marshawn Is Going To OaklandA day before the NFL draft and one of the last remaining off-season dominos falls.
Chad Greenway on Russell Wilson: 'our number one concern'Minnesota linebacker joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked about their playoff match-up vs. Seattle.
Legion Of Zoom?The Internet had itself a drunken game of "Telephone" yesterday.
Nobody Buys It, BevellShow me someone who swears they have no regrets in life, and I’ll show you a liar.
Go Get 'Em BeastComing soon to the Hot Topic shop at your local mall: "I'm just here so I won't get fined."
Super Bowl XLIX Conspiracy TheoryNo way something as outlandish as that interception goes down without message boarders thinking there's more to it.
Worst Play Call EverI still don't believe what I just saw. Super Bowl 49 is begging just ONE question: What the hell just happened?

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