Long Live The LOBIt’s the end of an era in the NFL. Not the Ed Hochuli Era, but the Legion of Boom Era.
Kap’s Conversation ContinuesThis is a huge Michael Bennett house.
Love Mikey BMore proof that Michael Bennett is one of the last of a dying breed. The athlete who will actually say something in 2016.
Michael Bennett: 'Sometimes you lose close games to good teams, and you just got to stay focused'Seattle defensive end joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked leadership, Dallas, and more.
Michael BennettSeattle defensive end talks 2015 Season, Dallas, and breakfast.
Pay Him!In addition to welcoming the replacement refs back, I think its past time for the Seahawks franchise to welcome Kam Chancellor back.
Michael Bennett on Sunday's ride around CenturyLink: 'When I first lost my virginity, that was a good bike ride too, but not as good as this one'Seattle Seahawks defensive end joined Jim Rome on his radio program and discussed his bicycle trip around CenturyLink.
Michael Bennett on Kelvin Benjamin: 'I think he should be fined $100,000 for spitting in my face'Seattle defensive lineman joined Jim Rome on his radio program and discussed Kelvin Benjamin spitting in his face.
The Bennett’s Are The BestIf you're paying attention, you know the NFL's best personality is Martellus Bennett. But this week, I'm not even sure he's the kookiest dude in this own family.
Seattle's D Is NastyAsk anybody on that Seattle D... they’ll tell you it was the worst Super Bowl in decades because they're the best defense ever.

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