Quite The Week, 13Odell Beckham Jr. had all his bases covered.
G-Men Man Band Photo ShootYou’ve seen it by now. The New York Giants’ Backstreet Boys photo shoot on a yacht in Miami from the weekend.
Wake Up, ODBOdell Beckham Jr. still doesn’t get it. Even when the guy balls out and the Giants win, he still loses.
Keep Digging, OdellRight when you think Odell Beckham Jr. couldn’t look any worse than he does...
Bad Take, ODBOdell Beckham Jr is a playmaker. But he's convinced himself that he's also a star maker. And he's wrong.
ODB Embarrassed HimselfPanthers- Giants saw Carolina go 14-0, and ODB go UFC.
ODBNobody's ever had more catches over their first two seasons in the league than ODB, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. And according to me, nobody's ever had more catches that make you say Holy Bleep.
I Love It, ODBOdell Beckham Jr is a better receiver with one hand than most guys are with two.
Welcome To Your New Career, ODBI'd like to welcome Odell Beckham Jr. to his new reality. The one where he's a New York superstar and every team is trying to take him out.
Madden Curse TruthersI finally found something not to like about Odell Beckham Jr. And it's not his fault.
David Cutcliffe on Peyton Manning: 'For a 39-year old quarterback, he had a boatload of energy and enthusiasm'Duke head coach joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked Manning's.
I Don’t Want To Hear It Fantasy GuyI'd pay to watch Odell Beckham Jr. play. But I don't want to hear about him this weekend. Not from his fantasy owners. But unfortunately we're all going to.

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