Brett BrownPhiladelphia Head Coach talks draft lottery, future of the organization, and more.
Jungle Karma Never FailsI long ago, stopped trying to figure out why good things happen to people who come on this show and bad things to those who don’t; I just know it’s true.
Philly Fan Hall of FameThis isn’t some half-hearted middle finger. Pops is flipping the bird as no one ever has before. Absolutely no regard for human life.
Ben Simmons: "I can definitely see myself playing point"Philadelphia rookie joined Jim on his radio program and talked point guard play.
Ben SimmonsPhiladelphia 76ers Forward talks NBA, LSU, and more.
StubHub 76ersTeams hoping to go big in the 2016 NBA Draft: The Boston Celtics. The LA Lakers. And the StubHub 76ers.
Sixers Suspend OkaforThe team is sitting him for two games, apparently one for each street fight he's been in.
Sixers Hire A Babysitter For OkaforJahlil Okafor leads all rookies in scoring... The problem is, he also leads the entire league in off-court incidents.
Let It BeI've long been on record as saying Allen Iverson's "Practice" opus is the greatest rant we've ever witnessed in sports, if not society entirely.
Era Of NBA TankingHeat v. Sixers on the last night of the season needs to be put in a time capsule.
A Savior Has Arrived In PhillyLet me ask you something, Philly. Who’s on your Mt. Rushmore of Sixers?
76ers Season A Huge SuccessEvery office has that one geek who hangs up a Successors poster. You know, the poster with dude climbing a mountain, or a cat hanging off a tree branch.

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