Thursday Night FootballSeattle went to Arizona last night and beat the Cardinals. And while they won the game, they may have lost their season.
Russell Wilson's DietYou ghouls have incredible radar for celebrities or athletes who’ve put on a pound or two.
Kurt Warner on Russell Wilson: 'not a great all-around quarterback yet'Former NFL quarterback joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked Russell Wilson, health, and more.
Chad Greenway on Russell Wilson: 'our number one concern'Minnesota linebacker joined Jim Rome on his radio program and talked about their playoff match-up vs. Seattle.
The 12th Man Is Waking UpBecause there is some scary stuff going on with Seattle right now.
Russell Wilson's Magic WaterThe NFL is tagging a terrible summer with some great news: The concussion crisis is over.
Nobody Buys It, BevellShow me someone who swears they have no regrets in life, and I’ll show you a liar.
Wilson Is Worth The Crazy DoughThe deal reportedly averages $21.9m per year just below the $22m Aaron Rodgers is making.
Russell Wilson Contract IssuesThe guy is an elite quarterback… and he has a great defense and a stud in the backfield behind him.
Bret Bielema talks SEC, Russell Wilson, and more with Jim RomeArkansas head coach joined Jim Rome on his radio program and discussed SEC, Russell Wilson, and more.
Russell WilsonSeattle Seahawks quarterback talks Super Bowl.
Super Bowl XLIX Conspiracy TheoryNo way something as outlandish as that interception goes down without message boarders thinking there's more to it.

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