Kurt Warner talks about Tom Brady's health on The Jim Rome PodcastHall of Famer joined the latest episode of The Jim Rome Podcast.
EmbarrassingHow does this team do that on that stage?
Welcome Back To Foxborough, RogThe 2017 NFL regular season kicks off tonight in Foxborough with the Super Bowl. Yeah, I said it.
TB12 BookAdd another notch on Tom Brady's belt.
Gisele Talks About Tom's ConcussionsTom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen says he suffered a concussion last year: not only said he had a concussion, but seemed to stop just short of saying he has concussions quote, pretty much every season.
Very Big Of You, RogahSo Rog is ripping the Band-Aid. Of course, a Band-Aid off a full blown hemorrhage.
Get Real, BobTom Brady apparently is hoping to ride his recovery pajamas and no strawberry diet to another 6 or 7 years in the league.
Brady’s Jersey Has Been FoundThe long national nightmare is over: TB12's Super Bowl jersey has been found.
Eat Like A GOATTom Brady is back on the grind, getting his side hustle on as a part-time salesman slash entrepreneur.
We’re On To 2017As much as you want to clown the Hoodie for taking just 5 or 10 minutes to enjoy his and their best win ever, before mumbling, ‘we’re on to 2017. We’re on to 2017.” You have to respect it.
Jim Kelly talks Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and more with Jim RomePro Football Hall of Famer joined Jim on his radio program and talked quarterbacks.
GOATTom Brady is so good and everyone outside of New England, hates the Patriots so much, you just sort of gloss what this guy has achieved.

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