Urb Gets Nuked By @osuwaterpoloOhio State has been burning since Iowa took that torch to them on Saturday afternoon. How do I know?
A 31-point BeatdownWhat a difference a week makes.
Ohio State Is BackCrazy wasn't just confined to Game 5 last night. No, crazy went down in the Horseshoe on Saturday.
Boomer Freaking SoonerAfter years of getting exposed in these matchups, it was the Sooners that took the pants off of Ohio State.
A Historic BeatdownNebraska, this hurts me almost as much as it hurts you. Well, probably not.
Urb's Ambien Days#3 Ohio State has a massive game at #14 Oklahoma on Saturday night. Two bluebloods, under the lights, with big-time coaches leading them.
Michigan Is Not BackAll year, we’ve heard: Michigan is back. Michigan is back. Unfortunately, I have breaking news.
Happy Thanksgiving, UrbanHey Buckeye fan - how was your weekend? Ezekiel Elliott's was awful.
Very Bad Look UrbLooks like Urb Meyer will make another quarterback change. Not because he's a flip-flopper, but because his starter is a drunk driver.
See You Freaks In NovemberI'm just not sure this wrecking crew is going to get a game from Hawaii or the Hoosiers.
Coach CardaleCoach Urb still hasn't made a call on Ohio State's quarterback competition. But Coach Cardale has.
Ohio State WinsCollege Football just found out who won Ohio State's quarterback competition - Ohio State.

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